Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beauty products and books.

I'm always wanting to try out the new beauty products that come out so this week i went out and bought some! 

001: V05 Smoothly does it - This does wonders for my hair as it's really thick and goes frizzy easily, i put a small amount in my palm and apply it to my hair from the middle down to the ends. It makes my hair so soft and it smells delicious! I think it was around £4.29 which wasn't a bad price and i definitely don't mind paying it again once it runs out. I can't find it on the Boots website but you can buy it here (it's more expensive). 

002: Max Factor facefinity 3 in 1 foundation - I was so excited to try this as it's a primer/concealer/foundation all in one, what could possibly be better?! Although i stupidly picked the wrong colour so it's pale on me (lesson learnt - go to a make up artist for skin tone advice), but it isn't oily which personally helps my skin as i have oily/dry skin and bad t zones! so it gave my skin a matte finish which i love. It also covers blemishes very well, so i would recommend it! It was a tad pricey for me at £11.99 but compared to some other foundations it's a great price, get it here.

003: Live XXL ultra brights - No matter how many colours i dye my hair i always end up going back to red!!! I love it so much and it's my personal favourite, i'm excited to see how 'vibrant' this one will be. I have used XXL numerous times and it covers my hair well not leaving it patchy or anything and it stays in good condition. It's currently on offer here for £4! bargain. 

004: L'occitane sheer butter date bouqet hand cream - I received this hand cream with this months issue of Marie Claire, i have tried lots of hand creams over the years and this is one of my top favourites, you only need a very small amount and it's so thick (which i love i hate thin oily ones), and it smells quite nice. I checked out the prices online and it's not shocking, you can get it here. I might try some of their other products when i have more money, maybe this for my oily skin or this cleansing foam.

005: Cleo & The perks of being a wallflower - I love cats!!! any book i can find on cats i'll have it whether it's fiction or true stories. So Cleo is another one to my collection, i'm half way through and it's such a heart warming/sad story which i'm sure other people can relate to so give it a read. Because i am currently reading that i haven't started the perks of being a wallflower although i am very keen to start it! From the reviews i've read it's going to be good, i definitely want to read this first before i see the film so i can compare. Here it is for you guys (although you probably already have it aha). 

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