Wednesday, 17 October 2012

She wore blue velvet.

I did start taking my photos outside but then the heavens decided to open! i am completely in love with this dress i want to wear it all the time :( it's so comfy and will go with a lot of accessories and shoes. I also tried this bowler hat on months ago but felt like an idiot wearing it but i tried it again two days ago and fell in love. It'll be stylish and warm for winter too! and £10 bargain. 
I really want to start blogging for clothing companies, 1. so i can get more experience of blogging and make my posts better and 2. It gives me something to do! 
So if anyone knows how i can do this pleasssse let me know :) xo

 Dress - Topshop £20 / Hat - H&M £10 / Cat earrings - Topshop £2 / Shoes - c/o*


  1. helloooo!
    your dress is so pretty!
    and blogging for clothing companies sounds like such a perfect thing to do, it'd be amazing to get to see all the clothes etc before anyone else and write about them.
    fingers crossed you manage to find out more information, i'm pretty clueless myself, which is a shame because i'd love to do it.
    oh andddd those earrings are so sweet, i love cats; sale find? for two pounds, that's brilliant.
    anyway, i hope you're well mrs!?
    speak soon,
    lots of love
    laura xxx

    1. Thankyou girly!
      Yeah i really want to but with so many people doing it no one is going to notice me with 50 followers :( i'll keep my eyes peeled though for us both.
      Ah the cat earrings ;) yes they were a sale find in topshop, they have a necklace and ring to go with them hehe. I'm very well thank you, trying to keep warm as it's not nice outside, yourself??
      Loads of love

    2. just keep working at it and i'm sure you'll get there, lots of people have been oing there blogs for years and years before they get noticed by anyone like that, but if its something you really want to do then its definitely worth the effort and time you put in, that said, blogging is way too much fun to count as effort so i guess that's a huge plus!
      ah, i knew it! they're so lovely, i've been having a nosey this afternoon but i want to find a few bits so the postage is justifiable!
      glad you're ok!
      gosh, tell me about it, i'm freezing!
      lots of love xxxx

  2. Lovely dress honey! Really like it with the hat too :) xx