Monday, 14 January 2013

January wish list.

Petite stripe dress - £26 here // ASOS cat sunglasses - £10 here // Boyfriend jacket - £65.99 here // They're real! mascara - £18.50 here // Cut out shoes - £42 here // Cat socks - £8 here 

This is my favourite wish list so far, all these things are gorgeous and i'd love to purchase them. Even though the shoes are summery, it's not that far away (although it's snowing right now oops) i'd like to stock up on my summer wardrobe. Cat socks well they're amaze, who wouldn't want these?!? All us cat lovers of course The coat is a tad pricey but a good investment as it'll be trendy all year round! 
I hope you all have fun in the snow! xo


  1. Both the socks and dress were already on my amazon wishlist and I just added those amazing sunnies & shoes. You have excellent taste :) xoxo

    1. Oh really! snap, you do too ;) love your blog mrs xo