Monday, 21 January 2013

REDROCK Fashion!

Rosie Tee - REDROCK £22 here // Gold Spike Bracelet - REDROCK £5 here // Wild Horses Shorts - REDROCK £45 here

Hi guys! So I've been asked by Redrockfashion to write a review on my three favourite items. After ages trying to narrow my faves down to just three I decided on these. 

001: Rosie Tee  
This t-shirt is absolutely gorgeous, tie-dye AND floral?! What a perfect combination. You can wear this tee with a lot of different bottoms, not only with the shorts i've featured here but maybe these too. 

002: Gold Spike Bracelet
Who isn't loving spikes! This statement piece of jewellery can really jazz up your outfit whether it be a casual day outfit or going for a night out. 

003: Wild Horse Shorts
Wowie these shorts are amazing, you could wear these with a plain or printed tee and some ankle boots. I'm a big fan of Levi but printed Levi is even better!! The simpsons printed ones are awesome as well (find them here). 

Redrock are a brilliant clothing brand so definitely check them out on:

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