Sunday, 28 April 2013

Buvy Bracelet.

*Bracelet - C/O Buvy Jewellery 

I kindly received this bracelet from Buvy jewellery, I love it so much! It's dainty and simple with a lot of love put into making them. I'm considering buying one for my friends so we all have matching ones as I think they'd make cute gifts! What I really like about these is that they can fit any size wrist (mine are so tiny hardly any bracelets fit) so you just pull both bits of string until it fits then tie a small knot.. simple :) They have some lovely bracelets and you can get different colours too so they're more personal.
The bracelets come in super lovely packaging as you can see from my photo :D It always makes me happy when sellers go the extra mile to make it perfect.

Love, Ella xo

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  1. This bracelet is so pretty, I'm thinking of buying my group of girls all one each. Loving your blog, congrats on being shortlisted with Company, I will take the time to vote!

    Emily x

    1. You should, your friends will love them! :) ah thank you so much that'd be hugly appreciated.

      Love your blog mrs,

      ella xo