Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hair products review.

Orofluido oil - £13.99 // Andrew Barton protection spray £4 Asda // Umberto Giannini pure beauty shampoo - £5.61 Boots

Once or twice a month I give my hair a real treat by using different products to make it a bit healthier again, these three products are my absolute favorite and I really recommend them. 

001: Pure beauty shampoo - I adore this shampoo it smells lovely and makes my hair smooth and silky, the reason I don't always use this is because it's a treat for my hair and also I never want to run out haha!

002: Orofluido oil - This works wonders for my hair especially the fragile ends, I pour a small amount into the palm of my hand and really massage it in from the roots working my way down to the ends, again it smells lovely and makes my hair feel very healthy. I want to try more of their products so when I do i'll tell you guys how I got on.

003: Heat protection spray - I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS forget to use this before straightening! I'm really going to try and remember to use this every time I do it because it can really damage your hair :( I spray it all over making sure I cover the ends as mine always get split. 

Have any of you tried these products? Or have any which you think I should try? Please let me know!

Love, Ella xo

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