Thursday, 11 April 2013


As a lot of you know, being unemployed SUCKS!! You lose self confidence, don't have money to fund your own lifestyle so have to rely on others, doesn't give you a routine.. the list is endless. My problem is that employers (in my eyes) are maybe becoming lazy? 'Other candidates have more experience' is the only excuse I've ever heard. Oh and if they do say 'We'll keep you on record for next time' 9 times out of 10 you'll never hear a peep. I could write about this subject all day as it infuriates me so much! I just don't feel like employers are giving me (and loads others) a chance, so what if we don't have as much experience, TRAIN US UP, GIVE US A WORK TRIAL... ANYTHING. 
It really does get me down to the point where sometimes I do feel like giving up, am i going to get anywhere? i'm not employable etc. Not hearing whether I've been successful or not is annoying too, i don't care how many applicants you've had, have the common courtesy to give me a call/email.
If any of you are in the same position please let me know or if you have any advice :( 

Ella xo

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  1. I completely understand what your going through! I was in exactly the same situation for 6 months until yesterday.. I would say try volunteer or get work experience somewhere you would like to work or something in the same sector.. I was at work experience at the body shop one day a week for a month when finally yesterday they said they had a positions available and want to offer me it (obviously I took it hehe).. It isn't a full time, it's 4 hours a week which you have the choice to do over time that you will also get paid for of course.. It's a start better than nothing, also you could try going on job seekers it's always a little more money you get..

    Hope this helped somehow, I am always here for a chat if you need :)

    Jo xx

    1. Thankyou so much for this comment! I wasn't aware the body shop offered work experience so I'll have o check out the one in my town. Well done on getting the job by the way I bet you're super relieved :D

      Thankyou sweet xo