Thursday, 25 April 2013

Paper Themes cupcake wrapper review.

I got these cupcake wrappers in the post a few days ago to review and boy am I impressed with them, they are from Paper themes and you can buy them in a pack of 24 here. More and more couples are opting for the cupcake route rather than a traditional wedding cake, personally I think it's a fab idea and looks cute too. There's a lot of designs you can choose from, I think my favorite is this pack as you know I love floral things! They're all trendy and  very cute designs which couples are going to love and you can get them personalized to whatever you like whether it be to suit your theme, having your initials or anything. The colours are amazing quality as you can see from the pictures and you can have any colour put on your wrapper, when I was wrapping them around my cupcakes I noticed that these are very sturdy and strong, they're not flimsy and certainly aren't going to break!  
If you're getting married or know someone that is and they're looking to have cupcakes, I highly recommend these wrappers as they'll add a unique feel to the day and your guests will love them :D

Love, Ella xo

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  1. So adorable ! I really really love your blog, it's a cute place to go on the internet ! xx