Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Paul's Boutique Stella bag review.

*Black Stella shopper bag - C/O Pauls boutique

Today I received this fabulous shopper bag from the team at Paul's Boutique, I must admit because I'm only 5"1 it does look huge against my body haha but I don't care it's too nice not to carry around with me :D Especially when I attend Hull fashion week, having this and some snazzy heels will look great. This bag is completely different to what I used to see on their website, they've really upped their game and are appealing to more fashionable girls! I predict great things from PB, look at the kind of bags they're now selling; this, this and this 
PB look more up market now and I really hope fashion bloggers like ourselves will now consider purchasing from them :) I'll be posting more photos of me accessorizing this bag soon!

Love, Ella xo

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  1. love this post! thanks for the positive feedback Ella! x