Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hair Passion review.

*Extensions (auburn) - C/O Hair passion £27.99 here

Hello all, I received these lovely extensions from Hair Passion the other day! They're 16" in Auburn and were a pretty good match to my own hair so I haven't had to dye it. The quality of the hair is really good and I've been able to straighten the hair and do all sorts with them. It was a shock seeing my hair this long as it hasn't been for years, it's great being able to have a ponytail/plait with these extensions as my own isn't long enough.
The only problem I found was that they're not thick enough for my hair so if you have a thick maine like myself, I'd recommend buying two packs :) Apart from that these are great quality and a complete bargain! Hair Passion also does wigs, synthetic hair and lots of accessories for your hair. 

You should check them out :D

Love, Ella xo

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  1. Ooooo these look great haven't heard of hair passion and my current hair extensions are so old and rat tail looking, thanks for sharing ;)