Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Review: Lee Stafford protection shine mist.

Hello guys, if you're like me and sometimes get damaged ends from straightening a lot and blow drying... you need this product! My hair feels a lot smoother and healthy looking after just a few days. I like to section my hair whilst spraying this so i cover everywhere, then just brush through and blow dry. This will last me a while as it's quite a big bottle but when it runs out (never i hope) I shall have to get it again as it's the best protection spray I've used.
I love Lee Stafford products and next on my list to try is the hair growth shampoo and conditioner! I will be doing a post on the hair growth treatment next week, 

have any of you tried this product? what's your favorite?

Love, Ella xo

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  1. Can't wait to see what you think of the hair growth treatment - I've been contemplating getting some for ages! x

    1. You should get it!! My hairs in great condition since using it and I am noticing a difference in the length! Xx

  2. I always like to come to your blog, you have nice pictures and topic, it's a nice place on Internet :) Keep going sweetie xx Sara