Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Revelation Suitcase.

*Suitcase - C/O Antler

How cute is this suitcase! When it arrived I was wheeling it around my room like yaaay I can take this on holiday :D It's the perfect size as I always take way too many clothes but now I will be able to fit them in just right. The wheels are so practical as well so now I can have the case along side me whilst wheeling it rather than lugging it behind me. The design is lovely, everyone likes a bit of leopard print ;) Even the inside being gold matches with the theme which I love. It came with a padlock and key which is really handy and I will be using those (don't want anybody stealing my stuff nuh uh!) 
It's hard cased as well which I prefer as with the squishy ones I'm always scared something's going to brake but with this everything will be secure :)
I'm looking forward to taking the case on my travels this Sunday as it's practical and ideal for people that pack their whole wardrobe like me.

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