Sunday, 16 June 2013

Phil Smith Be Gorgeous hair care.

*Be gorgeous hair care products - C/O Phil Smith

As you know I'm big on hair care products, if there's something new that's out I want to be trying it. I've heard a lot of Argan oil and read some reviews so was super excited to try some! I must say I was really impressed with both the oil and cream. 

The Argan Oil cream helps to lock in moisture to heal dry or damaged hair and restore smoothness. This definitely worked with my hair! (it also smells delicious) To use:

001: Apply a pea sized amount to damp hair, working through mid-lengths and ends and then blow dry as normal!

The gloss finishing spray gave my hair such a nice shine I'd really recommend this to everyone after you've styled/straightened your hair because it does work. To use:

001: Lightly spray over dry/styled hair at a distance of approx 20cm. 
002: Prepare for your hair to look and smell GORGEOUS!

Lastly for the Transforming Argan Oil, if you want glossy and healthy looking hair this is for you :) It's only a small bottle but you really don't need to use a lot so it will probably last me ages! Again this smells great and my hair loved it. To use:

001: Rub a pea sized amount into palms and run through wet hair from mid lengths to ends.
002: Do not rinse out, style as usual.

What do you think and will you be trying any?

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