Saturday, 8 June 2013

Review: Sour Cherry jewellery.

*Heart collar necklace - C/O Sour Cherry // *Dorothy and Toto ring - C/O Sour Cherry // 
Dress - Primark £12 // Shoes - Matalan 

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I was amazed when I found out about Sour Cherry, her jewellery is purely fantastic and everyone should have a piece from her collection. If you love Alice in wonderland, Wizard of Oz, James Bond etc then there will be a piece for you! All the jewellery is handmade which made me appreciate it even more, I chose the heart collar necklace as it's really cute and will accessorize a lot of my outfits and the Dorothy cameo ring because it's just adorable and a great idea. 
Sour Cherry do lots of things including cute collar tips, earrings and hair accessories
I can't wait to wear these more and tell everyone about this brand!

What's your favorite? 

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  1. Such cute jewellery!
    Very pretty.

  2. Where's your bracelet from? :)

    1. You can buy it here :)

  3. You look wonderful Ella! That necklace is stunning, such a gorgeous statement piece! And that ring is just so so fun too! xxx

  4. Looking lovely :)

  5. Love that heart necklace-checking out the website as we speak!

  6. Gorgeous necklace but I think the ring just pips it - it's so cute!

  7. Very cute! And lovely dress that you're wearing :-) x

  8. That necklace! I adore it <3 you look lovely as per usual :) x