Tuesday, 9 July 2013

THB Launch Party Goody Bag.

On Wednesday 26th I attended The Holiday Boutique's Launch party at Aura in Mayfair. We were greeted with a token to get ourselves a cocktail (which was really yummy) and later on had canapes with different foods being brought round including a delicious cupcake. As the night went on we saw the celebs come rolling in, it was strange being so near to them but not rushing over asking for a photo (I didn't actually get any haha), there were two girls from the voice this year (Melanie) and another girl who's name I don't know, Stooshe, two girls from Eastenders and lots of presenters! 
The fashion show was great, seeing the models very bravely walking around in their swimwear and strutting their stuff. The swimwear range isn't particularly my taste but it was lovely all the same and they all looked fabulous. There were a few stalls dotted around with different products, my favorite being Jaydah jewellery as their statement necklaces are gorgeous.
This evening was very different to other events I've been to, also which didn't help was the fact I didn't know anybody!! So I felt quite uncomfortable and people were in their own groups all night but never mind, I'm so glad the launch went well for them and I'm sure they'll do great things :D The goody bag was cute, as you can see we got a few little bits which was really nice I can't wait to try out the Paul Mitchell products!

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