Friday, 16 August 2013

My beloved Nica satchel.

*Satchel - C/O Nica // Blouse & Skirt - Primark // Shoes - New Look // 
Cardigan - Charity Shop

Hello everyone, It's almost the weekend wahoo! I'm going out with some of my friends tonight so this is the perfect opportunity to take this gorgeous satchel out with me! I can't tell you enough how brilliant this satchel is, there's so many compartments for all your belongings. 

As you can see from my photos there is a front zip compartment and then another section where you can put your cards/photo/tickets etc in AND there's a little secret zip as well as this. This bag is going to be perfect for days out when I have a lot of (unnecessary beauty bits haha) things. If only I was going to a festival this year, I would have definitely taken this with me, although maybe It's a bit too nice? Actually, yes I would take it and show it off! ;)

Gosh I almost forgot to tell you the most exciting part!! I thought I'd received a birthday present this afternoon when I unwrapped this, look how pretty the box is with the decoration, It's such a lovely touch. To be honest I didn't want to open it :')

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If you're looking for a new bag I really recommend checking out Nica, they're a great brand and offer unique items.

Do you like this bag?

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