Saturday, 21 September 2013

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake.

Who doesn't like a bit of yummy cake?! ;) Baker Days very kindly sent me this letterbox cake, a cake through the letterbox! I still find that quite amazing. I was so excited to open it and was surprised when I saw little candles and balloons in there, it's such a lovely extra touch. Like they say; good things come in small packages :D

Baker Days do sooo many different cakes from birthday cakes, Christmas cakes, design your own cakes to photo cakes. There's a huge choice and you can also choose whether you want it letterbox size (3-4 portions), small party size (10-12 portions), medium cake (18-25 portions) or large cake (40-55 portions). And if that wasn't enough... if you order a letterbox size you can choose your filling! Sponge, fruit, chocolate chip sponge (this is what I had), gluten wheat free or dairy free. They range from £15 - £60 but they are so worth it and if it's a gift for someone they will LOVE it. With the letterbox range, your friends and family won't ever expect to receive a birthday cake with the post will they? So treat them!

This cake was so delicious and I really recommend buying one, it's a great idea for gifts and they make each package special <3

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