Friday, 6 September 2013

PersunMall Wishlist.

Persun Mall do some gorgeous dresses like these I have included! Here are the links to them, polka dot dress, V neck dress and the lovely monochrome dress 

I absolutely love the shirts and blouses on this site, we're all a fan of a nice printed shirt so I picked out a few of my favorites! Embellished shirt, Chiffon shirt and the Sparrow print shirt.

What's your favorite piece?

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  1. Wow those shoes are amazing! So beautiful, and such a lovely colour! You look wonderful, as always! xxx

  2. Those loafers are so cute! I've never seen any in lilac before so this is a win for me. They work so well with the playsuit too x

  3. Ooo just lovely loafers :)

  4. such cute loafers and i loveee that playsuit! It's so gorgeous! xo