Wednesday, 9 October 2013

JJDR House Of Bijoux.

Hello everyone, how lovely are these bits from JJDR House of Bijoux? If you haven't gathered yet I'm loving statement necklaces and look I have another! This time with matching earrings which is just heavenly, I love how these can completely finish off an outfit and turn it from simple to wow in seconds.

As for the earrings, even though they do pull on my tiny earlobes I'm going to have to wear these with a lot of my outfits as they're so cool! Abit of info about the brand; they're an independent boutique run by two sisters who offer jewellery for any look you're going for whether it's daring, rock'n'roll or vintage at an affordable price. 

They have some lovely items including this double envelope bag, XOXO bracelet and these really cool sunnies!  

What do you think?

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  1. Love these, they're all so beautiful! My faves would have to be the lion earrings <3

  2. They're all just so so beautiful, I especially love the lion ear rings! x

  3. These look so great, I love the lion earrings and the statement necklace. You have a new follower! xxx