Saturday, 19 October 2013

LoveStretch Foxy Boots.

Hello! Once again I've been a bad blogger :') I hope you're all having a good week, I've been pretty busy so this has been the only chance I've had to blog. So I got some fabulous boots the other day,before I go into the details I wanted to share with you my autumn picks from their website LoveStretch. You can get them all here; chunky jumper, jersey cardigan, Chelsea boots, and these gorgeous studded slipper shoes. There's nothing better than some jumpers and boots for autumn/winter to keep you warm :D

*Foxy Boots - C/O Lovestretch // Dress & Fur Coat - New Look // *Bag - C/O Myluxurytaste

Onto the foxy boots! Well aren't these just gorgeous? When these got delivered I was so excited to open them and wear these straight away trotting around the house haha, the detailing is lovely like the heart zip at the back and on the sole there's a gold brass logo (I tried to get a picture but it really didn't work and I couldn't stay still) which is so unique. 

These suede boots are perfect for this season and go really well with my fluffy fur coat :) My feet will be cosy too as inside they're fluffy and on trend with this block heel! I can walk in them perfectly fine too and they're very comfy which I usually struggle to find with heeled boots.

I can't wait to wear these babies more and experiment with different outfits!

What do you think to this outfit?

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  1. OMG those boots are the cutest!

    Faye x