Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Christmas Gift Set Wishlist/Ideas!

Hello everyone I hope you're well :) With Christmas only 44 days away which doesn't seem long at all, I'm sure some of you have already started your xmas shopping and like most there's always one person who's impossible to buy for. Both of these perfume gift sets would be perfect for Mum's, girlfriends, friends, sisters and of course Grandma's! They're lovely sets with beautiful packaging and bottles that will definitely make them feel special. 

Both include a 50ml bottle and 100ml body lotion so you'll be smelling gorgeous that's for sure :) The Chloe perfume is quite floral and sophisticated with an elegant bottle finished off with ribbon. I've used this a few times so far, I give myself a quick spritz then I'm out the door and I feel fresh wearing this!  The scent does linger and I find that once you let it settle the smell is much better. The body lotion is thick and you don't need a lot but again it does smell divine! 

I don't like to choose between the two but if I'm honest the Gucci perfume is my absolute fave! When you spray it the first smell is kind of citrussy (can't spell), but then that fades away quickly to then bring a flowery musk scent which lingers all day, I'll be walking around hours later and can still smell it which I love, my clothes smell of it too all the time. I only have to squirt it twice and that will be enough whereas the Chloe I'd have to squirt quite  a few times for it to linger. 

Of course it depends on what the person likes, these are just two favorites I picked out from Fragrance Direct, they have loadssss more to choose from and at great prices too. Link to them here.  

Happy shopping!

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