Wednesday, 21 May 2014

cocoa brown tan review

*Cocoa brown tan products - C/O Marissa Carter cocoa brown tan

It's that time of year again where us girls all want a nice brown tan, unfortunately we don't always get the hot Caribbean weather and some girls just don't tan! There are so many fake tans on the market to try and personally I'd not tried any before Cocoa brown tan as I'm quite tanned all year round so I had no idea what to expect or how it would take on my skin. 

Well... my first picture made me feel very pale!! Obviously on the left is before and the right is after and you can see the huge difference, I was so impressed. For this I used the lovely legs product and the application was so quick and easy (I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any patches ;) )ok I did a bad job on my feet so I cut them out of the photo (hey it was my first time). What I loved about my new brown pins was how natural they looked, I was expecting them to turn orange and smell awful but it was the complete opposite, they turned a lovely brown colour and they didn't smell of fake tan phew! Now the problem I thought of was that I've sprayed my legs but what about the rest of me?! I'm now pale on top and tanned down below.. what to do :( But I then used the gentle bronze, this is seriously great and I didn't know if this would change my colour as much as the legs one but it gave my top half a really nice light bronze tan. So i hugely recommend this one if you want a subtle tan everyday :)

Moving on to the 1 hour tan in a new dark shade, I'll admit I haven't used this yet as being olive skinned already I'm scared about how dark this will actually go! So once I've tried it I shall do a separate blog post showing you ;) 

You can currently buy this tan from Boots, Primark, Superdrug and many other stores! 

Overall I was super impressed with the tan and I shall be using these a lot <3

Have you used this tan yet?

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