Tuesday, 22 July 2014

jica lash and nail magic

 Above - Just with mascara
Below - Mascara & lash fibres
*Jica lash & Nail Magic - C/O Jica

Jica lash is made from purely natural lash fibres which gives you the effect of longer and thicker eyelashes, I've tried countless mascaras in the past to try and achieve a 'fuller lash' but none seemed to work very well, since trying this I've been using it every day and I hope from the photos you can see the difference too! The problem I have is that my lashes are super long so it's tricky trying to keep them curled and looking full but this has been my savior.

Then we have the Nail Magic which is a hardener and conditioner which stimulates strong and lovely nails. So if you have weak or chipped nails you can apply this twice a week for 6 weeks and they even offer you a money back guarantee because they are so confident it works! I'm currently on my first week as I've been on holiday and even though I don't have the longest nails I am already seeing a difference and it's stopped me biting them ;)

Have you tried these?

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