Tuesday, 18 November 2014

bodyform 'live fearless' challenge

Bodyform have a new campaign called 'Livefearless' which is aiming to encourage women to face their fears, we all have something we're afraid of but I bet most of us never face up to it. Well Bodyform are trying to change this, take a look at their article to find out more (here). 

So as part of this campaign I got asked to try a new restaurant or visit one of my favourite chains but in a new location, so I opted for Zizzi's in Lincoln as me and Tom hadn't been to that one before.  As usual Tom went for a classic Margherita and I went for something different; spaghetti carbonara (which was delicious, if you are yet to try this dish, you won't be disappointed). We had such a lovely afternoon here, it was great trying somewhere different and I think we'll definitely be doing some more adventurous things in the near future.  

We also went to the cinema afterwards to see The imitation game, well worth a watch I was pleasantly surprised! 

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