Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Candle making with Sykes Cottages

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Today I have a different kind of post for you, something that will involve you getting creative... candle making! I've never done this before and I'm pretty chuffed with the results, as I poured the melted wax into the jar I didn't think it was going to ever set (after about 10 minutes, how impatient am I) not realising you're supposed to leave it to cool overnight whoops! (I did don't worry haha). Also, I went to the next level and even make a yellow candle... go me.

For this you will need:
Soy wax flakes
Essential oils
Tabbed votive wicks
Jars / small glasses
Wooden spoon
Most importantly, some yummy snacks

Now here is a really simple step by step guide for achieving these candles:
001: Fill your jar with wax flakes - it should be tightly packed, then double this amount.
002: Put the wax in a pan and gently melt over a low heat until the flakes have dissolved - stir to encourage any lumps to break up. Turn the heat off and allow to cool for a minute.
003: Add your essential oils (I went for a coconut and mango scent) then use funnel to pour the wax into your jar.
004: Allow the wax to cool and turn slightly opaque before putting in the wick. Once the wax is cloudy and thick but not set, push the wick to the bottom and it should stand by itself. Leave candle to harden overnight and trim the wick!

As you can see, it's so simple to do and these would be great for gifts (hint hint Easter is upon us). I really enjoyed making these, keep your eyes peeled for a super cute fabric notebook coming to my blog too...

Have you made any candles before?

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