Thursday, 19 March 2015

free travel apps you should have

Wi-fi finder
Most of us bloggers are addicted to our phones and laptops so when we go abroad, it's sometimes a struggle to find Wi-fi spots.... until now. This works on and offline, you can filter results by restaurants, cafes, hotels or provider type. I'm lucky that I'm with the mobile network 3 as they have the feel at home option so I can get free internet in most countries but for those of you who aren't this is a fantastic app so you can carry on surfing and Instagramming in no time.

I know a lot of you will have used Uber (me included - a lot) before, but if you're new to it, this is perfect if you haven't got any cash on you as it's linked to your bank account. All you do is pin your location and a taxi will come for you! I like it because you can track your driver, I always do an excited countdown when they're about a minute away. I've always found Uber to be much cheaper than a normal taxi, oh and by the way you can use this in 45 countries!

Google translate
I'm sure we're all familiar with this, but when you're in a country and there's that huge language barrier and you stand there looking puzzled when someone speaks to you, this can really help. It features 90 languages and is so easy to use.
An offline map that doesn't have roaming charges? perfecto! It also covers restaurants, train stations, tourist attractions and more. I used to print screen all the directions on my phone and look at them until I found this lifesaver app.

XE currency
This is perfect if you're wondering how much that dress you're wanting to buy will cost in pounds, you set your base currency then enter the figure and it will convert it for you. If you have no 3G or wi-fi it will convert to the last rate it synced.

What are your favourite travel apps?

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