Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to find a cheap flight

Ok, so you want to go on holiday but looking at the cost of flights is eye watering right? We've all been there, finding a fabulous hotel for a great deal but the flights being extortionate. I have some tips to help you get to your destination without blowing your budget! 


Try and be flexible with your dates because the cost of your flight can alter depending on what day, time of year and holidays - Take into account that Christmas/New year will be expensive and summer months, so if you're travelling on a budget or you're a student I would suggest looking at Jan-April or Sept-Nov and travel during the middle of the week as most people go away on the weekend = airlines bump up the price. Trust me the difference one day can make could save you £££. 

Fly to a secondary Airport

The majority of cities have smaller airports too, it's usually the one that budget airlines fly into as the landing fees are cheaper. So for example if you're flying to New York, try Newark Airport / LA try Long beach / Venice, try Treviso. It's worth thinking about, a lot of the airports are relatively close by so you won't be much further away from your destination and could half the price of your ticket.

Join a mailing list

I know we don't like having a cluttered email inbox but when it could potentially be saving you money, why not? Airlines can send you last minute discounts or updates when offers will be available, you have to be quick though because a lot of deals will only be up for 24 hours.

Go incognito

Does this really work? YES! Whenever I search for flights, I will scout every website and most of the time stay on a few in particular and try searching alternative times etc. I found that after I'd left the site for a few hours and then looked again, the price had risen! How/why I asked myself!! Simple answer is because I had been on it so much, when they see someone is looking at the page for a long period of time or frequently, they can sometimes put the price up. Soooo if you know you'll be searching around, try in an incognito tab so no one can see you hehe. 

Book early but... not too early!

They say the best time to book is six to eight weeks in advance or three months if it's during the peak season.  You could even get a last minute deal if you're very lucky, I personally like to have things booked in advance and use the airlines fare calendar to see which month is cheaper. 

Some useful websites

Holiday Pirates - This website is a hidden gem, they have fantastic offers on flights, holidays, hotels and more. They put offers up most days and they're seriously good. 

Skyscanner - More and more people are hearing about this now... good! It's great you just plonk in where and when you want to fly and it will compare loads of websites and give you the best deals. 

Norwegian Airlines - My favourite airline company. Their prices are almost unbeatable, only the other day I looked at New York, flying in March 2016 for £600 for two of us! Usually you're looking at just over £1,000 so considering you could get flights and a hotel for under £1,000 remember my tip from earlier, be flexible with your dates :) 

I hope this has helped some of you! Do you have any other tips?

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