Tuesday, 16 June 2015

barcelona side car tour - trip4real

So you want to see the city but don't want to go on a touristy guided tour? Hurrah there is a solution...  it goes by the name of Trip4real. There's nothing better than being shown around by a local, someone who has lived there for years and really knows what they're talking about! Trip4real offers unique tours and experiences created by local experts, whether you're going to Spain, Italy, France or the UK, you will find something perfect for you. 

As many of you already know Barcelona is a fantastic city, steeped in local history and culture with a skyline to behold. Tom and I decided it would be fun to explore the city with the help of a local expert, but decided against the obvious walking and cycling tours and opted for a world war 2 sidecar tour, and what a decision we made. 
The roar of the motorbikes engine grabbed our attention moments before we caught sight of the bike and off hopped our knowledgable and attentive guide Nuria. With 30 years knowledge and local secrets we knew we were in safe hands when it came to learning the facts behind the facade of this beautiful place.
Once the helmets were on and the engine ticking over beneath us, we set off, Nuria’s attentive nature came to the forefront when listing the various tours she could take us on, so as not to visit places that we had already seen, this allowed us as guide and tourists to plan a route that was tailored to our needs. We took the streets to explore places such as Barceloneta beach, Placa Catalunya, Palau de la Catalana and Marina Port Vell, all of which were stunning and incredibly interesting, her passion for the city was really infectious and before we knew it we had fallen even more in love with it. 

We firmly believe that no other tour would have given us such an insight into Catalan culture and for that we both highly recommend, that anyone looking to gather more information on Barcelona, or simply looking for an activity that is as fun as it is interesting, seriously consider choosing Nuria. 

To book a tour with Nuria, head over here! 

Things to know

Best for: Couples
Occasion: New to the city
Service: Can be private/exclusive 
Price: €60 per activity
Languages spoken: Spanish, Catalan, English
Price includes: Helmets with audio system, guide, sidecar and insurance
Meeting point: At hotel or apartment

Disclaimer: A huge thanks to Trip4real & our host Nuria for making this experience happen :) 

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