Thursday, 25 June 2015

no1 traveller lounge - london gatwick

 Prior to our departure to Barcelona, I knew I wanted myself, Tom and my parents to experience a little luxury. We’d never been to an airport lounge so when the opportunity arose to try out the No1 Traveller Lounge at Gatwick I was super happy! Before we got to the lounge we went through the premium security lane which was so much easier than queueing up for ages at normal security, we went straight through with no hassle and the departure lounge was easy to find. 

When we arrived I couldn’t believe the amount of facilities they had to offer including:

. Complimentary food
. Freshly prepared hot snacks
. Bar serving beers, wines and spirits
. Premium champagne
. Bistro area
. Free wifi
. Panoramic runway views (this was really cool!)
. Complimentary use of showers
. Free newspapers & magazines
. Cinema room (Tom and I managed to catch a bit of ‘Up’)
. Travel spa

For £25 each I think that’s brilliant value for money, it takes the stress away  and it’s much better than sitting in a boring departure lounge with not much to do. 
We all really enjoyed our experience here, I would thoroughly recommend giving this lounge a visit for your upcoming flight! 

Disclaimer - A huge thanks to The No1 Traveller Lounge for making this happen. 

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