Tuesday, 1 December 2015

my skincare routine: kiehl's

I’ve never been able to stick to a skincare routine, I get bored too easily and expect results overnight. However on my 22nd birthday this all changed, I visited the Kiehl’s store in Bluewater and had a consultation with Sarah (this lady is an angel, I cannot reccommend her enough if you ever visit this store). She tested my skin to see how hydrated I was, to my surprise my skin was extremely dehydrated so that was the first issue that needed sorting. I then told Sarah I wanted something to help combat my blemishes and didn’t want just one product, I wanted a new routine with products that would compliment each other without irritating my skin (in the past I’ve tried many brands which have made my skin worse). 

Sarah suggested the items photographed above and gave me some testers to see how I got on, well I can tell you after just one week my skin was 10x better than it’s ever been before. Kiehl’s give you a 28 day guarantee, if you don’t like it you can get your money back that's how confident they are! I’ve now been using all these for just over one month and my skin has never been happier. 

The samples I got have run out so I will be re purchasing the full sizes straight away as they work so well together. Now let’s discuss how I use these wonderful products!

001: Wet your face with warm water, apply one pump of the calendula deep cleansing foaming wash and then rinse off. 

002: Pat your face dry then apply a small amount of the calendula herbal extract toner (alcohol free) to a cotton pad then apply to the affected areas. 

003: Apply a pea sized amount of the Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing serum to your whole face. (I don’t have a photo of this as I ran out but it’s seriously amazing, it instantly hydrates your skin!) Sarah tested my cheeks which were around 33%, then applied this serum and straight away I was over 50% hydrated which is a fantastic result! Note:At night you do not need to apply this but can if you wish. 

004: Now apply again a pea sized amount of ultra facial oil free gel cream all over, this makes your skin super soft and fresh.

Note: At night you do not need to apply this but can if you wish.

005: This is my favourite product of them all, the midnight recovery concentrate. This miracle oil lets you wake up feeling fresh as a daisy (or your skin at least aha ). Apply three drops and apply to face patting it in, do not rub! 

Note: Do not use as part of your day time routine, it’s best left for bed time.

I am so happy with my new skincare routine, I'm hoping you guys will try out these products, or have you already? Do let me know in the comments! 

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